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Retail Network Security Solutions

retail network security solutions

Watch this video by RSPA which outlines the experience of a restaurant that experienced a data breach and total amount of money she spent on the ordeal.

If it can happen to Target with all of their technology resources, it can happen to you too!  Security is oftentimes last on the list of priorities for small business since most are stretched too thin on time and money.  That is until they are a victim of a security breach and now it’s at the top of the list.  Many retailers do not recover from the impact of such an experience.   At Retail Network Security Solutions, we offer many services to protect you at a reasonable price.

We will assess your setup to ensure that minimal rights are granted, passwords are safe and that you are PCI-DSS compliant. We will design a solution based on your business needs and requirements with secure remote access. The solution will be programmed and tested before we implement it. We will manage this by ensuring that router logs are backed up and stored, and with reports on usage and threats.

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