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Retail Network Security Solutions

retail network security solutions

Audit Results

Once your network security health check is complete, Retail Network Security Solutions will present the results to you containing the following details:

  • - executive summary
  • - gap analysis
  • - action plan and roadmap to remediate gaps

Architecture Audit

  • Network discovery
  • Network segmentation (wireless, mobile audit)
  • Password audit
  • Backups in place, scheduled and validated

Network Security Healthcheck

Network Health Check

Retail Network Security Solutions will provide a comprehensive assessment of your existing network to determine which areas are vulnerable to outside threats.  We will measure your health against network best practices including existing network security policy, wireless intrusion detection, wireless intrusion prevention, and network segmentation. We will examine and understand the Architecture, Policies and Procedures and Prevention measures in your existing network.  We will interview select individuals from your business, review existing documentation, and use assessment tools to discover what you are currently working with.  Contact us for your network security health check.

Prevention Measures Audit

  • Endpoint protection on every computer (anti-virus, anti-malware)
  • Automated patch management on every computer (Windows updates, firmware on devices)
  • Email security (spam, phishing)
  • Firewall (intrusion prevention, data loss prevention, content filtering)
  • Offsite storage of critical data

Policy and Procedures Audit

  • IT Security Policy and Procedures
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (data and/or hardware)
  • Network Diagram
  • Regular Vulnerability Assessment
  • Regular PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Router Logs
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